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Branded Corporate Clothing

Brand Summit gives you the confidence and ability to bring your brand to life with infinite possibilities. As a supplier, Brand Summit partners with clients across South Africa to help brands grow by leveraging the Power of Promotional Products

Keep Everyone Looking Uniform

Provide employees with branded clothing as a way to tie the team together. Matching shirts give everyone a sense of unity. Whether the company is actually participating in a team sport as a company or it’s just creating a more united front, the use of carefully branded apparel will give everyone something in common.

Branded clothing also gives everyone a consistent look. Allowing employees to wear their own clothing to work may result in an atmosphere that’s not very cohesive. But when customers come to the office or store, matching branded corporate clothing on the employees will make those employees a lot easier to identify.

Importance of Logo Branding


Adding your logo to corporate clothing for events, brand awareness, and employee recognition are just a few of the ways you can amplify your brand’s messaging with branded corporate clothing. While branded clothing are impactful and do a great job of creating a connection between the recipient and your brand, companies sometimes underestimate the value that purposeful and stylish branded clothing can have on both their employees and their customers.

Spark Interest in Your Company

Customers tend to associate corporate clothing with large, well established companies. That kind of image bolsters their confidence in a company’s professionalism and skills, meaning that they are more likely to feel secure in making a purchase.

Consistency sells. When customers can rely on having the same positive experience every time they work with a certain company, they are more likely to continue to patronize that business. Corporate clothing provides a consistent appearance for all employees, reinforcing that feeling of reliability.

Brand Recognition

People associate branded items with higher quality. When consumers are presented with items of identical quality, one bearing a brand, they inevitably identify the branded item as the higher-quality one. Corporate clothing taps into that perception, elevating the apparent quality of your company.

Corporate branded clothing also gives employees specific authority. Customers tend to view employees who wear corporate clothing as both brand ambassadors and experts in their field. This opinion increases their confidence in employees’ competence and ability to meet their needs.

So take the time to design eye-catching clothing and the pieces you give out will create an air of interest around town where your company is concerned. Use a catchy phrase or interesting design that will have others asking questions and wondering what the company is all about.

An Extension of Your Brand

If you have employees that are customer-facing, whether it is at a car dealership, a local café, or a delivery service, corporate clothing are an effective tactic to further the brand identity you have worked so hard to create. When your staff wears corporate clothing that features your logo and a look that is consistent with the other brand materials and promotional merchandise you have in market, their corporate clothing will help contribute to your brand awareness and further the impact of those other promotional tools too. Everything is working together to amplify your brand message.

It Creates a Distinct Corporate Culture

One of the most significant advantages of corporate clothing is that it helps to build a distinct corporate culture among employees. The wide variety of corporate apparel items also makes it easy to find a comfortable and chic option that employees will love. Beyond simply making it easier for employees to choose an outfit in the morning, corporate apparel fosters identification with the company’s values and mission.

Corporate clothing establishes an automatic dress code that is both professional and comfortable. Because employees see corporate apparel as a more casual wardrobe option, they generally report higher satisfaction and morale after a switch to corporate apparel. Polos or button down shirts create a more professional air. Tee shirts are casual and fun. Baseball caps are handy when employees work outside. Use the right apparel to give employees the proper look.

First Impressions

Lounge Shirts

First impressions are everything and you only get one chance to make it a good one, so when customers enter your place of business or meet with your employees face-to-face, a fresh and on-brand corporate clothing will reinforce the level of professionalism that your brand stands for. It is also an easy way to create differentiation between your employees and other customers who might be present, so that if a client needs help with something, they can quickly locate an individual from your team. Making the customer’s experience more efficient and pleasant will earn you big points and go a long way to establishing loyalty to your brand.

Team Culture


The value of promotional clothing extends to your employees too! Creating a culture of unity and belonging amongst your staff is such an important part of maintaining a positive work environment and employee morale. Promotional clothing are a great way of reinforcing to your team the value of everyone’s contributions to the collective effort and emphasizes that the success of your organization is a result of everyone coming together to meet your goals.

In-House Branding

Employing the latest technology and processes and leveraging the branding expertise, Brand Summit offers clients the ability to take the industry’s most engaging collection and make it their own. Offering the choice of 18 branding techniques, Brand Summit’s clients are able to combine multiple methods and locations on the same item, projecting exactly the right image for their brands.


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